Dumpster Dogggies

Year: 2021
Industry:Pet Adoption
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  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • CMS Integration
  • SEO

Put your best paw forward.


This non-profit dedicated to helping stray animals needed a website that would share their message but be easy to update so they could preserve their time for helping animals. They had a library of their own images they wanted to use.


We paired the client’s pictures with pastel tones to convey the dogs’ joy without making the site too cartoonish. We wrote content to express how dire the situation with stray dogs in Turkey is and to show the importance of donations.


We used Sanity for the backend to make the website easy to update, so the clients could quickly add new adoptable dogs from their phones. On the front end, we highlighted donation options in the top bar and used images strategically to connect emotionally without being overwhelming.

Reach your audience’s heart with moving content.

What we have used
  • Gatsby
  • Sanity.io