Noble Networks

Year: 2016
Industry:IT Services
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  • Frontend Development
  • SEO

With the right design and content, a single page can be enough.


This client needed a lightweight brochure website that would last for a long time. We focused on a future-proof design, and six years later, the website looks up-to-trend.


The concept was to visualize the IT world on a single page We added secondary and tertiary options to our design incorporating colors from the brand. This gave us a rich visual pallet to work with.


We opted for a simple, clean design that would stand the test of time. Instead of designing with black like most other websites, we used white as the primary tone, creating a bright design. In web development, we used Javascript to make future updates fast and easy.

Sharing your message doesn’t have to be complicated.

What we have used
  • VanillaJS