Webb & Lashbrook

Year: 2021
Industry:Home Renovation
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  • Frontend Development
  • CMS Integration
  • SEO

The right tools support your exact vision.


This renovation company wanted to show its craftsmanship and quality to potential customers. It was essential that their website match their aesthetic and support high-resolution images.


This client used their own website designer to design the site. We provided the backend to bring the design they envisioned to life.


We used Sanity and server-side rendering to make this website lightning-fast and easy to update. We structured the website as a single page with additional project pages. 99% of the website can be updated simply, making it easy for the client to update with new projects or photography.

When a website works well, the spotlight’s on you.

What we have used
  • Gatsby
  • Google Analytics
  • Sanity.io